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I began writing and recording at an early age and always loved experimenting with whatever instrument or technology that was available to me at the time. The technological side of things have progressed at an amazing speed with recording and production equipment and software becoming increasingly available to anyone interested in making music.

There were certainly more limitations back when I started, and I see that as a good thing now. You really had to play your instruments well and consistently (No quantize available recording to a 4 track tape!) and get great full, live takes from start to end. I have gone to being only able to have 4 track of audio to more than I'd ever need.

When I moved to Bristol I made sure I was playing with other local musicians and bands straight away and continued to build my studio and work on my production skills. Soon after I was playing live gigs around the UK and carried on with my solo material, getting plays on the BBC and online which was amazing. I really got into the production side of things as technology advanced and became more affordable. My list of music gear continues to increase from an old 80's Yamaha drum machine to a brand new audio interface which can link up my Mac, iPad and PC as well as countless other devices.

I moved to Bristol to make and play music but also continue to learn. I studied music production and even after I'd finished the qualification I have continued to self-teach to this day. I also regularly collaborate with a variety of musicians which means at times we're teaching each other a thing or two.

Further info to follow: Bands / Instruments Played / Gigs & Locations / Media

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